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A Quick Guide on Acting Classes and Workshops

Acting classes are essential for an actor's carreer. Learn what types of classes to take.

If you are wondering what type of acting classes you need to become an actor, this blog is for you.  In this blog, I go over the different types of acting classes you can take to start your acting career.   I also include a few tips to help you find the right class for you and what to do when you join a training class.  

If you want more content on this topic after you read the blog, listen to the audio!  This blog is a quick reference of what I discuss in the audio.

If you have any additional tips to share with other fellow actors please do so by leaving a comment below or if you would like to be a guest writer hit me up so we can set it up.

Hopefully, this blog helps you find a great class.  If you do enroll somewhere leave me a comment and share with us where you enrolled, if you like it and why and what you plan to do next.

Listen to this 20 minute audio to go over the different types of acting lessons you should take

*I don't have my studio set up at the moment for video so audio will have to do ;)* 

What type of acting classes?

  • Body and Movement Class

    • Body and movement classes build your overall body awareness.
  • Improv

    • Improvisation helps build confidence.
  • Acting for Stage

    • You get to experience stage acting and might even love it more than film
  • Acting for Film/ On-camera (screen) classes

    • Here you will be trained on how to act specifically for the camera.
  • Vocal classes

    • Here you will learn to warm up your voice, how to sing, etc.
  • Scene study and technique

    • When you film a movie you film scene by scene.
  • Auditioning

    • How to prepare for an audition and nail it.
  • Cold reading (sight reading) classes

    • Some auditions are cold reading, be ready.
  • Commercial classes

    • A must for every actor. Includes auditioning for commercials, learn to hold objects, eating on camera, reading from cue cards, etc.
  • Classical acting classes

    • Typically for the stage actor.  Don’t need it as much if you are focusing films.
  • Voice over classes

    • Different than vocal classes helps with diction, accents, fillers, etc.
  • Dance

    • Even if you don’t want to pursue dance, learning a specific style will help you add a special skill on your resume.

Free workshops mentioned in audio. - Austin Area

If you contact any of the acting studios below please mention you found them on my blog 🙂 

Institute Theater

Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation

The Hideout Theater

The Actor's School (if you sign up to their newsletter they email you when they have free classes or workshops)

If you want an extensive list of acting schools and studios in Texas, check out my e-book. 

Here are some tips for you:

•Ask to sit in for an hour or so to ‘audit’ the acting class before you commit.

•Ask to make a payment plan.  About 99% of instructors will make a payment arrangement with you.

•Please don’t be late to class.

•Network! Make new friends.  You might get to work together years later and it would be so nice to have a friend on the set.

•Emotions run high during class. Don’t ever yell at your instructor or other classmates, unless you are doing a scene with them.   

•Do your homework.

Thanks for reading!

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Thank you so much for reading and break a leg!


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