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Training For Actors

All actors need training & continuous education

Training for actors.

Start your acting career today by taking acting classes and continue taking acting classes. You have to start training as an actor, just like any trade or artist out there.

You don't get to pretend to be someone else, you have to learn to be someone else. You have to feel things in real life based on what is written on the page.

Do as many acting classes as you can and do different types of classes and workshops. Expect to spend the first two years in training mode before you land a nice paying role.

Don’t get me wrong, you can easily step into a casting call and be hired on the spot with no training and no preparation but that hardly ever happens.

Your body, your mind and your spirit are all tools you will use in this career. You want to be flexible, fluid, vulnerable, sharp. You need to be malleable.

So let’s get you ready to be a trained actor. My e-book has the resources you need to get started with some acting classes, look for them in the back of the book.

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If you want more resources or more detailed information on how to work as an extra and how to get gigs, check out my e-book.

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