breaking-into-acting-in-texas-1Learn the essential steps  you need to take to begin acting today.  

This live seminar in Austin, TX will teach you everything you need to know to stop dreaming about acting and actually start working professionally.  

This seminar is only 1 hour long and includes a free resource e-book guide that lists acting schools, agents, casting directors, casting call listings, theaters and other resources necessary to start in the Texas market.   This is the book I wish I had when I started acting so I wrote it for you.


 You don't have to feel scared or overwhelmed to begin acting now, we are here to help you start acting now.


In our seminar you will learn:

what materials you need to market yourself

how to put together a resume even when you have no experience and no acting credits

how to get a headshot taken

how to find your niche

how to find an agent

what begining acting classes to take,
(there are a great of instructors throughout Texas)

Q & A session

how to spot Scams

and much more.

Join us for only $15 - Money Back Guarantee

Seminar Date & Time

About the instructor:

2819Nancy grew up watching old Mexican films and comedy shows in Brownsville, TX.  She started acting professionally in 2000 taking as many extras gigs as she could while she attended college.  If asked, Nancy will claim that her worst perfomances were in high school's drama club and theater class; and she is right.  

Over the years Nancy has studied with great Texas instructors such as Gary Chason, Mona Lee Fultz and Barry Pineo.  Being a single mom doesn't leave too much time to spend all day in movie sets so she has decided to pass on everything she knows onto others until she returns to acting full time.  

You might see her in nothing since everything she's been in ends up in the cutting room but if you pause and play frame by frame the deleted scenes of The Alamo, death scene in the Thumbtack Strangler and  musical number in Z: A Zombie Musical, you'll catch a glimpse of her.  

Nancy's utlimate goal is to work for ABC Studios in dramas or sit-coms and hopes to help bring back Hollywood to Texas.

If you're looking for:

  • overnight success - overnight success in this industry takes an average of 10 years with persistence and dedication.
  • a star in Hollywood walk of fame - we just don't have any magic fairy dust left for this.
  • instant fame - actors must train, train and train some more and this takes time.  Acting experience does not guarantee fame and fortune but it does bring you the satisfaction of doing something you love.

...Then this class may not be for you.