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You have just taken a very important step towards starting your acting career which is VERY exciting (for both of us) because I have already seen how much this actor's resume template has already been changing new actor's career for the better.

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Every actor must have a properly formatted resume. You will need a resume in every single audition, when you are networking and when you reach out to talent agents.

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Here's What I'll Be Covering...

- Training.  Explore the different types of training and lessons actors must learn to prepare.

- Resume. The 3 most common headers, role breakdown, and an extensive list of special skills to add to your resume.

- Auditions.  What is & isn't working in auditioning right now.  Learn the basics on preparing for auditions.

- Headshots. Find out how to take a headshot and what to look for in a photographer.

- Agents.  Get agent-ready with a list of must-haves before you contact agents.

- Resource. A complete guide to every industry expert and casting call lists you must have access to.

I've got so much info to share, and a lot of this is brand new, never been seen before stuff, so make sure you don't miss it!

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