The Actor’s Audition Process

The Audition Process If you have never had an audition let me paint the picture for you so you know what to expect. Of course, not every single audition will be the same but this is the typical process. When you go into the audition room be friendly and show them that you are a […]

Preparing for an audition

Getting an audition is very exciting.  Now you have to do a few thing to get prepared for your audition. Speaking of preparation, be ready for your audition when you arrive.  Now is not the time to start learning your lines unless it is a cold call. If you are given sides before your audition, […]

What are the differences in stage acting from film acting?

Film acting and stage acting have many differences.  Here are just a few. Everything is larger than life on stage.  By everything I mean your body language, your movements, your facial expressions, your voice volume, etc.   The first type of training you should have is a theater or stage acting class. This class should […]

Monologues for Auditions

Monologues for Auditions If the casting director asks you to bring a monologue instead of providing you sides, you can ask him or her if they prefer a comedy or a drama. Usually for film you are better off with contemporary or finding a piece of a movie that you can perform.  If you are […]

Choosing the right headshot photographer

Headshot photographer can make or break your photo. Choose the right photographer Go to a professional, no matter how much money you want to save in the end, getting your headshots done with a professional will actually save you money.  In this case you get what you pay for is quite accurate. You don’t want […]