Acting Techniques – Here is what you should know

Acting Techniques.

Learning about acting techniques was a bit overwhelming for me.  Until I started going to acting classes and workshops I wasn't really sure what some of these techniques were all about.

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I do know that adopting an acting technique is a little like trying on clothes at the store.  You won't know what fits you best until you try them all!

There are different types of actors and you have to choose what type of actor you want to be.  You have to try to find the school that will get you closer to where you want to be as an actor.  

There are different techniques acting coaches use. An actor must look for an acting technique they can trust.  

Here is a quick breakdown to help you get an idea of what they each cover. Do some research and try them all until you find the right fit.  Then train, train and train some more.

Stanislavski’s System

The Stanislavski’s System is also known as “Classical Acting Technique”.  

YouTube Links: Watch “Stanislavski’s System by Audiopedia

Lee Strasberg’s Method

Strasberg believed actors should be able to live that character’s life from childhood through the climax of that character’s event which is showcased in the play in order to live the truth of the character.

YouTube Links: Watch “Example of Method Acting Exercise” by ActingSchoolStop


Adler’s technique emphasizes imagination in addition to emotional recall. 

YouTube Links: Watch “The Origins of Acting and “The Method” by Filmmaker IQ

Meisner Technique

Meisner taught his students to “live truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.”

YouTube Links: Watch “What is the Meisner Technique?” by John Windsor- Cunningham

Michael Chekhov

With the Chekhov technique, actors are continuously acting whether it is by practicing their craft each day at least half a day.

YouTube Links: Watch Joe Herrera’s Continuous Acting - series of the Chekhov Technique

These are the most common types of acting methods.  Don't feel that you have to stick to just one.  Many great actors take time and practice perfecting their craft.  Try them all and see what your unique method is.

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To learn more about starting your acting career and getting your very own agent, check out my book on sale now!

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