Actors Use Headshots not Glamour Shots

I remember the first time I invested in some headshots. My first ever. I was so naive, I didn't know what to look for in a photographer.

Looking back now it makes me laugh as it was hands down the best decision I made! My headshots weren't perfect.

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The picture was black and white, in film, and a bit overexposed but I didn't care! I remember having wind blown through my hair for the glamour effect lol, it was a mess!

But I still love and cherish that photo...why? Because I took action. It was one of my earliest baby steps towards doing something I've always dreamt of doing.

After I save enough to hire an experienced headshot photographer, I knew what mistakes to avoid.

What decisions have you been nervous about making?  If it's getting headshots because you don't know what to expect, read on.



Getting headshots can be a daunting task to every new actor.  However, your headshot is your number one marketing tool.

Headshots and resume go hand in hand and are equally important.  As tempting as it may be to save a few bucks and take your own selfie to use, don’t do it.

Your headshot must be taken by a professional photographer with headshot experience.  The headshot doesn’t have to be super expensive just professional.

All that you need in the frame is the top of your head down to your shoulders or a little past shoulders is. You should have no hair or hands on your face, and no distracting jewelry.

Film actors typically have two headshots; a big smile & energetic one and a serious one.

You have a bit of homework to do before you go take your headshot.

Read these Tips before getting your headshot

  • Don't do 'character' headshots like extreme facial expressions or costumes.
  • Have the photographer capture your internal moment in your eyes.
  • Review the photographer's past work.
  • No homemade headshots.
  • Wardrobe should be a suggestion of the type of role you can play.

Your headshot really needs to reflect your type.  Are you a business professional type or the thug next door?  I go over this topic more in my e-book, check it out!

As for investments, expect to pay from $200+ on a set of headshots.  This does not include the cost of printing.  If you have a friend or a camera with a timer, just remember, you get what you pay for.

I really think it is a good idea to invest in the higher quality product with the most experienced photographer.

When looking for a professional photographer, look for one that has experience specifically with headshots.  You'd be surprised how different photographers can be from one another.

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To learn more about starting your acting career and getting your very own agent, check out my book on sale now!

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