Starter Headshot for New Actors

Headshot for Actors. Actor headshots are an absolute must for every single actor.  When you submit for a role, you will have to provide a professional headshot attached to your resume.   If you are new to acting and can’t afford a professional headshot just yet, you have to read this blog. Starter Headshot for […]

Where to Look for Casting Calls and Auditions

Casting Calls. Today I wanted to talk to you about having a routine for checking out new gigs online & self submission. If you already have an agent or even if you do have an agent, it is still a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open for new casting calls on the internet.  There are […]

How to Recognize a Casting Scam

Casting Scam. Hey everybody! I was just thinking about something that happened to me when I first made the decision to pursue acting as an actual career. At that point I put myself out there. I mean I REALLY put myself out there, I answered any casting call, any cattle call, any auditions that I […]

Start Your Acting Career Today

Acting Career. I know what it feels like to have the itchy acting bug throughout every fiber of my being. (yes, I tend to be a tad dramatic). But the point is that if you are curious if an acting career is for you, or if you’ve been holding back because you don’t know what […]

Free Acting Lesson – Acting in Film

Free Acting Lesson. A couple of years ago I took a film acting class.  This class was exactly what I needed to have more experience in front of the camera.  I always wondered if I was offered a role, who would show me how to stand in front of the camera, how to walk, look […]