Always Be Prepared for Auditions

Have you ever walked out of your house without your pants on?  Well, I kind of did that once on my way to an audition.   I didn’t forget to wear my pants but I did forget to order more headshots for my upcoming audition which is kind of the same thing. Luckily for me, […]

A Quick Guide on Acting Classes and Workshops

If you are wondering what type of acting classes you need to become an actor, this blog is for you.  In this blog, I go over the different types of acting classes you can take to start your acting career.   I also include a few tips to help you find the right class for […]

Tips for a Successful Acting Audition

Auditions have been my enemy for the past 12 years and finally, I found a way to feel comfortable when I go into acting auditions and actually have a great time.  Even if I don’t get the acting jobs I walk in there with confidence and I walk out of there with confidence.  So I’m […]