Stage terms and Resources

Hello, my dear thespians.  This blog post is inspired by a young actress who wants to dip her toes in the theater just to see if that is her thing. Most of these terms you’ll come across when you do some theater in school. But not everyone who acts professionally starts in the theater so […]

Should actors work for free?

Hello, my superstars.   I don’t like to look back on life with regrets, I prefer to see all the kinks in the road as learnings and stories to tell! Here’s one thing I would tell myself though if I could go back 14 years in time. “Work on films back to back for one solid […]

Actors Use Headshots not Glamour Shots

I remember the first time I invested in some headshots. My first ever. I was so naive, I didn’t know what to look for in a photographer. Looking back now it makes me laugh as it was hands down the best decision I made! My headshots weren’t perfect. The picture was black and white, in […]

What an actor’s website should have

Websites for actors Websites are great for actors to display all their photos, video snippets of work done and upcoming work.  This is your chance to make all about you. Portray your best work here including you video reel, resume and professional pictures. Your website will help potential ‘clients’ (aka, agents, casting directors, scouts, directors […]

Actor Cred – What credits are you going to add to your resume?

Actor credits. The Credits It is sometimes hard to know if the project you are doing ‘counts’ on your resume.  Let me tell you right now that everything you do on camera and everything you do in an acting class counts as a credit towards your resume.   Every play in theater and every scene […]