Acting Resume – Every actor needs a resume

Acting Resume. A resume is used every single time you submit yourself for roles, when you are looking for a talent agent and when you go to an audition.   Acting resume format A resume should be 8” by 10” and stapled to the back of your headshot. If your paper sticks out from the […]

Training for Actors

Training for actors. What type of training? There are so many types of techniques, classes and even classes that aren’t obvious such as ballroom dancing or meditative workshops that you can take to help your acting career.  There are also many different instructors teaching a variety of systems or methods. How do you decide, among […]

Rejection and Motivation for Actors

Rejection. All actors face a lot of rejection, that’s part of the job.  Even Hollywood movies with popular actors bomb sometimes. You have to have a thick skin going into this.  And you have to believe in yourself, respect and love yourself otherwise you will not stand. You have to keep working regardless of the […]

Start Acting Today

Acting in Film, TV & Stage. Many people dream of becoming a celebrity and everything that goes with it. People only see the sparkly glamorous aspect of being a celebrity but don’t see the hard work and preparation that goes into it. Why do you want to be an actor? You need to ask yourself […]

8 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Acting Class

Hello!  It’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog.  I’m still here, just getting a little busy with little projects here and there.   Since I am looking for my next acting class, I remembered I wrote in my ebook some tips on what to do once you find the right acting class.  I […]