3 Easy things you can do right now to start your acting career

To become and actor or actress, you don’t have to move to L.A. right away.  In all reality,  to start an acting career there are many things you should do before you pack up and move to Hollywood.   While I was writing this blog I was trying to remember my very first acting job and […]

How to become an actor from a small town or city

I’m very excited to announce that I am finally finished writing my book, “Acting in Texas: A Step by Step Guide to Getting an Agent & Texas Actor’s Directory”.  While I was putting together the resource portion of my book, I realized just how lucky I am to live in this wonderful city where theater […]

Resources for Actors in Texas

Resources for Actors in Texas. Breaking into the film industry in Texas has many advantages over trying to start in larger markets like LA or NY.  Texas might be a large state but the film and theather community feels like family. I have put together a list of resources to help new actors find the […]

Motivational and Inspiring Quotes from Actors and Influential People

Sometimes when I find that my motivation is dwindling I read a few quotes from actors or other inspirational people who have found success and this helps replenish my motivation.   When I am talking about success I’m not referring to expensive cars and big mansions.  No, I am talking about doing what you love […]

Freebie- Clothing Measurements Card for Actors

A prepared actor is a professional actor.   Here is the free clothing measurements card that will help save you time when self-submitting to small projects, casting directors and agents.  Your resume should include your height, weight, eye color and hair color but this card has the rest of the information needed for costume fitting.  A […]