What to expect working with film schools

Film schools are a great place to make connections and get experience as a new actor.  In Austin, we are very lucky to have UT where many talented students go off to make great films. It’s very common to bump into the same group of actors in auditions at the UT media building.  If you […]

8 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Acting Class

Hello!  It’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog.  I’m still here, just getting a little busy with little projects here and there.   Since I am looking for my next acting class, I remembered I wrote in my ebook some tips on what to do once you find the right acting class.  I […]

Acting Techniques – Here is what you should know

Acting Techniques. Learning about acting techniques was a bit overwhelming for me.  Until I started going to acting classes and workshops I wasn’t really sure what some of these techniques were all about. I do know that adopting an acting technique is a little like trying on clothes at the store.  You won’t know what […]

Find the Right Acting Class

Finding the right teacher is tricky. Enrolling in a class taught by a well-known coach doesn’t always mean you’ll connect with them or that they will be a match for you. You need to find a teacher that will help guide you to your vulnerabilities and explore yourself more in depth. A good teacher will […]

Training For Actors

Training for actors. Start your acting career today by taking acting classes and continue taking acting classes. You have to start training as an actor, just like any trade or artist out there. You don’t get to pretend to be someone else, you have to learn to be someone else. You have to feel things […]