How to Format Your Acting Resume

Format Your Acting Resume.

You can slap together a resume or you can follow the typical format.  Even though creativity and thinking outside the box is more exciting, some things are better left as usual.

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Casting directors look at so many resumes a day, they expect to find the info they need from you in a specific location.

Make sure to start your resume with your name at the very top then put your contact information under your name.  

Include your e-mail address, website and phone number. Never put down your home address or social media links.

Only send your resume by e-mail attached as a .pdf format - always.  Don't ever send your resume as a word, WordPad, notepad or any other formats.

You might be tempted to make your resume fancy with crazy and fun fonts or super big fonts or graphics, etc. but resist the urge.  

Casting directors and producers don’t need to spend extra time trying to make sense of the resume. Ideally your font should be a clean and easy-to-read font.

Font Examples (at size 12):

For your name and headers such as “Film” or “Theater”, you may use BOLD.

This is what you should NOT do:

These samples are also at font size 12 but just glancing at it is my making my eyes water.  Your resume will be promptly tossed in the recycle bin if you send it looking like this. Save the cutesy font for something else.

As a new actor, you may also be tempted to… well, let’s just call it ‘elaborate’.  It is never a good idea to lie on your resume.

The industry is small and we now live in the age where everything is verifiable.  It’s ok to admit that you are new today, everyone including Sir Michael Caine was a new actor at some point.

Everyone understands that you have to start from the beginning.  With that being said, you should at least demonstrate that you are actively and continuously taking acting, film and business classes.

Finally, as mentioned earlier your resume will be stapled to the back of your headshot, therefore you do not need to include a picture or headshot on your resume.  

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To learn more about starting your acting career and getting your very own agent, check out my book on sale now!

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