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Acting Career.

I know what it feels like to have the itchy acting bug throughout every fiber of my being. (yes, I tend to be a tad dramatic). But the point is that if you are curious if an acting career is for you, or if you've been holding back because you don't know what to do to get started, I hope this blog helps.

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There is an article I'm working on in which I tell you step by step how to get started with your acting career and I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and at this rate it will take me a while to be completed.  

I can't make you wait that long so below I'm listing the steps you need to know how to start your acting career today.  This list won't be as detailed as in my upcoming article but I hope it helps you.

11 Steps to Start You Acting Career Today

Step 1 As a professional make yourself a business plan and write down your goals as an actor.

Step 2 Join classes and educate yourself.  There are a lot of great teachers and studios in Austin that you can reach out to.  

Ask to sit in for an hour before you make your decision, you have to find a place that will work for you.

This is an acting career after all, education is crucial.

Step 3 Get your headshot, doesn't have to be the most expensive but do take it with a professional.

Step 4 Gain Experience in Theater and Film (my article will have all the links you need to get started.)

Step 5 Reach out to film schools - Google UT and other film schools.  This is a great way to start your acting career!

Step 6 Audition Monologues - Search and learn monologues there are lots of sites online.  I'll post another blog with some of my favorites.

Step 7 Resume - Start listing your credits - click here for a sample resume

Step 8 Reel - For everything that you do, ask for a copy of the project you've worked on and put it together on a reel.

Step 9 Agent - Once you learn and master a good monologue and have some experience, you are ready for an agent.  Expect at least a year or two of constant training and experience before you start looking for an agent.

Step 10 Read about the industry, stay educated - visit and read all of their articles, they have been around since the 1960's.

Step 11  Network and attend panels, workshops, meetings, Mixers.  This is a great way to meet other people and learn from them.

Again, this list is not complete, when I finish my report you will have all the information you need to start your acting career NOW.

Now that you know what to do, get started with Step 1!  Break a leg!

Thanks for reading!

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To learn more about starting your acting career and getting your very own agent, check out my book on sale now!

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Thank you so much for reading and break a leg.

P.S. Don't forget to subscribe to my e-mail list!

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