Important tools for actors online

This post contains affiliate links. A few actors have asked me what websites for actors I find most useful.  So I put together a very handy list just for you.  These websites offer many different tools for actors online.  Click on the link and browse through their archives for all sorts of information from acting […]

An Actress’ Fear of Failure

I love to read blogs and articles in the acting industry. I often come across comments like the one below on those blogs and try to help as much as I can. But since I am limited to the length of the comments I’m allowed to leave on those blogs, I decided to write my […]

Stop calling yourself an “Aspiring Actress” and here is why

What is an aspiring actress? According to Merriam Webster’s to be an aspiring actor (actress) is “a person who aspires to be and is trying to become an actor” aspiring adjective  aspir·ing ə-ˈspī-riŋ :  desiring and working to achieve a particular goal :  having aspirations to attain a specified profession, position, etc. I called […]

Wardrobe Basics for Film Actresses

Now that the new year is here I had the urge to purge starting with my walk-in closets. Yes, I have 2 walk-in closets full of clothes, shoes, wigs, and seasonal clothes. I started taking out clothes I don’t wear often but then I had a thought. Could I use these clothes for my actor’s […]

Extra Work for Actors with No Acting Experience

Hey everybody! Today I wanted to talk briefly about a hot topic for actors…..drum roll::::::> Should actors work as background/extra on a film? Yes or no?   Many people have too many opinions and some people even say stay away from extra work!  As for me, I say working as an extra is a must […]