Headshot investment

What happens if you can’t afford headshots?

Headshot investment. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s chat about the big fat elephant who stomps through the room of our mind whenever we think about investing in our acting careers. Yep, it happens to almost ALL of us. The little knot in our stomach of being a bit tight on money and missing […]

Actors Use Headshots not Glamour Shots

I remember the first time I invested in some headshots. My first ever. I was so naive, I didn’t know what to look for in a photographer. Looking back now it makes me laugh as it was hands down the best decision I made! My headshots weren’t perfect. The picture was black and white, in […]

Important tools for actors online

This post contains affiliate links. A few actors have asked me what websites for actors I find most useful.  So I put together a very handy list just for you.  These websites offer many different tools for actors online.  Click on the link and browse through their archives for all sorts of information from acting […]

Freebie- Clothing Measurements Card for Actors

A prepared actor is a professional actor.   Here is the free clothing measurements card that will help save you time when self-submitting to small projects, casting directors and agents.  Your resume should include your height, weight, eye color and hair color but this card has the rest of the information needed for costume fitting.  A […]

Headshots for actors in Texas

Headshots: When to get a new one and how much to retouch them

Hi guys! First I want to thank you for sending me emails with questions and emails letting you know that my tips are helpful to you. That is all that I want to do all I want to do is help you out get started acting today and help point you to the right direction when you […]