Training for Actors

Training for actors.

What type of training?

There are so many types of techniques, classes and even classes that aren’t obvious such as ballroom dancing or meditative workshops that you can take to help your acting career.  There are also many different instructors teaching a variety of systems or methods.

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How do you decide, among the many options out there, what class is best for you? The right class will speak to you.

The process of auditing a class is not a straight shot concept, you won’t know what exactly you are looking for, but once you sit in a class you will know.  


Body and Movement Class

This can include movement for actors, yoga, NIA, tribal, belly dance, contemporary dance, hip hop, jazz and even Pilates.  This list is not all inclusive so look for other type of body and movement class you might have been curious to try.



Even if you aren’t a professional dancer or if you don’t want to pursue dance, learning a specific style will help you add a special skill on your resume, this can be part of your movement class and will be fun and healthy for your body.  


Commercial classes

Look for courses that develop your acting skills and on-camera commercial persona. 



There are so many benefits from taking an improv class as an actor.  

Improvisation helps build confidence. It helps build courage, it helps you be more creative and most importantly you learn to listen to your instincts and trust them.


Acting for Stage

Stage classes help you explore your creativity and expand your theatrical knowledge. Classes are usually offered by levels.  

Acting I and II focus on scene work and in-class exercises. In Acting II you explore what it really means to be in the moment, deeper script analysis skills, and work to create three dimensional characters with depth. 

Acting for Film/ On-camera (screen) classes

Here you will be trained on how to stand in front of the camera, angles, how loud or not loud to speak, how to look in your partner’s eyes and of course more.  

Under film/on-camera classes there are several subcategories to learn such as Audition techniques, Scene Study, Technique Acting and more.  Those categories are usually taught separately.

This class gives you the opportunity to receive criticism from your peers and instructor.


Vocal classes

Here you will learn to warm up your voice, how to sing, etc.  This class is ideal for anyone who desires to gain a foundational knowledge of singing, including stage and film actors.  


Scene study and technique

If you haven’t noticed, movies are filmed scene by scene and out of sequence.  The class you select will teach you to commit to the scene and be in the moment.

One of the great benefits of taking a scene study is that actors learn to understand and dissect their scripts.  

Classical acting classes

This type of training is typically for the stage actor.  You will not need it as much if you are focusing films.


Audition techniques

Film and scene classes don’t teach you to audition.  Here you will learn how to prepare before you show up, how to dress for the part, cold reading vs sides in advance.

Look for classes that will help you quickly analyze audition sides for a confident reading, help you deal with nerves and even answer the most common and even unexpected industry questions.

Cold reading (sight reading) classes

Cold reading classes are very helpful for when you go to audition but they didn’t give you the sides ahead of time.  

These classes will help with nerves and will help you confidently breakdown the sides there on the spot.


Voice over classes

This is different than vocal classes.  Voice over classes help with diction, fillers, accents, speed of speech, and pitch.

These classes focus on technique for commercial and radio voice acting, emotions, explore the range of your vocal and emotional spectrum, mic techniques and much, much more.

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To learn more about starting your acting career and getting your very own agent, check out my book on sale now!

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