What an actor’s website should have

Websites for actors

Websites are great for actors to display all their photos, video snippets of work done and upcoming work.  This is your chance to make all about you. Portray your best work here including you video reel, resume and professional pictures.

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Your website will help potential ‘clients’ (aka, agents, casting directors, scouts, directors and producers) answer questions about your experience.  Your website will make it easier for those potential clients to contact you and book you.

 Everything you have on your website has to be clean, simple and to the point.  Your potential client doesn’t have time to squint or try to figure out your website.  

You don’t need a super fancy or an expensive website.  You can find many webhosting places that are free or very inexpensive.  

All of these free or cheap webhosting sites have beautiful templates you will be able to set up in minutes all on your own.  This website can be one simple page and you can host it on WordPress, Blue Gator or WebHosting Pad.

What an actor’s website should have

  • Headshot
    As this is your biggest marketing tool, this is at the top of the list.  Your best headshot should be on your home page. Limit the number of headshots on your website to 5- 6.


  • Bio
    A bio in your own personal voice is best, this way your potential clients get to know YOU from the get go.


  • Latest news/ Updates
    You can talk about anything going on with you.  This can include upcoming plays, films or projects.  You can include updates on what you are currently learning.  You can update the “Latest News” with bts (behind-the-scene) selfies.  Update your resume constantly.


  • Video clips and reel
    If you don’t have a reel yet, you can add video clips of you performing monologues or video clips of you in class.  This section can be updated as often as you can. Make sure your videos do not start playing automatically.


  • Printable downloads
    Having PDFs of your resume and printable JPGs of your headshot are a great way to make it easy for your potential clients to add you to their pile for their next project.


  • Contact info
    You can add a contact form on your website to make it easy for people to contact you. 


  • Mobile-friendly
    Most people use their smartphones instead of computers so make sure that your web design is mobile-friendly.


  • Social Media Links
    Adding your social media links is another way to make it easy for your potential client to follow you and learn more about you.  Encourage your fans and clients to sign up for your email newsletter (which you should already have) so you can send them updates and invitations to upcoming performances and movie screenings.


Having a website is non-negotiable. Those ‘potential clients’ I’ve been talking about often google actors to help them when having to make a casting decision. Get ahead of everyone else and start putting together your new website.

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To learn more about starting your acting career and getting your very own agent, check out my book on sale now!

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