What to expect working with film schools

Film schools are a great place to make connections and get experience as a new actor.  In Austin, we are very lucky to have UT where many talented students go off to make great films.

It's very common to bump into the same group of actors in auditions at the UT media building.  If you have a film school nearby, there is no excuse for you to have no credits in your resume!  Take advantage of this opportunity and have fun.

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What to expect from film schools

It is very important that you understand you are dealing with novice filmmakers.  This advice of working in student films is mostly geared toward new actors so you can gain some experience to get you on to the next stepping stone to a successful acting career.  

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when working with student directors in student films.


The film may not be seen by anyone, other than the student’s family, friends, and classmates.


The film may not be completed.  Some students quit or find a different story they want to work with as start from scratch.  Some film schools are more interested in the process than the finished film.


The film may be of poor quality or the film may be a complete bomb.  Again, this film is like the first pancake, not the best but everyone has to start somewhere and it takes lots of practice to make better films.


You will meet other talented individuals, keep in touch with them.

Student directors will want to keep working with an actor who delivers a solid performance and works well with the crew members on set for as many films as he or she can or until they are done with film school.

Clips for your Demo Reel

The student may not give you a copy of the film.  If you were promised a copy of the film, however, you are owed a copy of the film so to ensure this, you should have a contract when you work on any film, including a student film.  You’ll find a sample of the contract in the Index at the back of my ebook.

Don't let any of these things keep you from working with students at film schools.  If anything, lend your talent to help them learn their craft!  From the past few years, I've met great people whom I am still friends with from film schools nearby.

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To learn more about starting your acting career and getting your very own agent, check out my book on sale now!

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