Working on a student film for experience and scenes for your reel- What you need to know

Often new actors and actresses will work on student films for free in exchange for experience, a copy DVD of the movie for their reel and snacks.

Working with film students is a great way to learn the ins and outs of working on movie sets.  

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This also gives you the advantage of meeting filmmakers in training who may have a bright future in the industry.  

Establishing a relationship with someone is much easier when you both start from the bottom and keep in touch as you both grow.

Benefits of working with film students:

  • Learn to work in sets
  • Meet other actors/actresses
  • Meet future filmmakers & crew
  • Gain real experience
  • Practice what you have learned in acting class
  • Have material to add to reel & resume
  • Have kick ass behind the scenes pictures to add to your social media
  • Constantly flex your acting muscles
  • Learn more about yourself and develop your skills even more

Where to find casting calls for student films:

Go to your local university’s website or your local college websites and find their film department.  Ask to be added to their list for any upcoming projects.  

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  • Get a signed form stating you WILL receive a copy of your scenes even if the film is never completed or screened.
  • Ask the student filmmaker for his or her professor’s name in case you need to ask for your copy of the film or in case anything goes wrong.
  • Be very patient on set, student filmmakers are learning as you sit there and wait and they are already stressed about lighting and angles and everything else.
  • Student filmmakers working on their student thesis films will more likely complete their film and have more experience under their belts than others.
  • Have fun but remain professional.

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To learn more about starting your acting career and getting your very own agent, check out my book on sale now!

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